Pravda není někde tam venku.
Bart Simpson


E-book „Conflict: crisis or opportunity“

This e-book is the outcome of the training course “Conflict: crisis or opportunity“ organized by NESEHNUTI from 25th of May until 2nd of June 2015 near Brno, the Czech Republic.

The main purpose of this e-book is to explore the conflict in multicultural contexts as a source of growth and transformation using different tools based mainly on the Theatre of the Oppressed method, Gestalt approach and Non-violent Communication.

These tools are useful to perceive the diversity as something that can enrich the society and see conflict as a natural consequence of the clash of different values and ways of life. We would like to see the conflict as a challenge that can lead to positive results, as a way of not avoiding the problem, but on the contrary – approaching it directly – managing it in a non-violent way. Very often emotions and conflict are avoided, perceived as something negative, unpleasant and useless. We believe it is the other way around. It is important to share and explore together the real meaning of the conflict and to tackle the values and the fear behind it.

The e-book contains various tools used to deal with conflicts and it is based on the work of 23 participants from the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Romania and UK.

Use it, enjoy it and share it!

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