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Scroll down. Reported Michael Kaplan OfficialKappy. Barry Boddlehong MolotovMilksha1. Constant account freezes, extremely slow customer service. Then when you have winnings, they don't allow you to deposit up to the withdrawal limit like any other site would. PokerNews PokerNews. Manitenance sorry about the ticket issue everyone pokerstars maintenance how long experiencing. I've sent messages out to members of the PokerNews team who have been communicating with PokerStars.

It looks like tickets will probably be awarded for a week from now maintenane. The Redbird 11thredbird. PokerStars I've only played the game pokesrtars about five years so it would probably be easier maitnenance list what I already have down, because I could learn A LOT.

Ned Saunders NedSaunders4. Another 14hrs. Final Day view article. PokerStars RealKidPoker for sure.

Canadian vs Canadian. Stu Lowery LoweryStu. I got a crash course from friend darkdragonzzz1 who helped broker a deal for me to get a "royal flush" set which gives me higher rewards? Gutshotgray GutShotGray. Chupacabre DromeFinch. However the lawmakers have made it a state issue rather than pokerstars maintenance how long national one so depending on where you live, you will pokerstaes not see poker stars anytime soon.

Mauro tobillon Jabracada PokerStars I could fix that pokerstars maintenance how long I have the same as yours :. Only took 14hrs. Exhausted is an understatement. Finally take it down 7. Totally unacceptable. I had a problem with William Hill earlier and that was resolved in 9 minutes on their live chat PokerStars customer service is shockingly bad GamRegGB.

Tom Hall Jabracada. StarsSupport Your are sending me in circles. I wish to make a formal complaint to PokerStars about your complete lack of customer service and the time maintrnance taken to resolve this issue GamRegGB. Pocket Kings are hard to lay down, we know. Maitnenance, it's one of those hands that can either make or break your bank, so be careful when playing it.

It was an overall rollercoaster for everyone and then when it came down to final table it got pretty even stacked. Soooo casinofreak no deposit bonus codes and down. One dude busted three shoves in one hand flopping quad kings.

Maintebance Bettingbenji. Might be worth trying a wired connection instead of wifi if your on that, might make a small difference.

Or try using twitch studio not obs? Ive used both and think twitch studio is easier to use and seems to run a bit better. Harambe Skawk HarambeSkawk. Corinthiax locustreign9. People are still registering when it was down to like people.

I got 80 some place and feel like Click to see more lost.

PokerGuru PkrGuru. PokerStars Awesome time. Awesome run. So glad you could all be a part of it. Sad that it wasn't a bink, but I had a great time with the Dare2Stream crew! Up and down last few levels, chips are lojg around! Lots of action!! Gambling problem? PokerStars And I, on the contrary, have no tilt pokerstars maintenance how long control of the game processbut there is aggression.

As soon maintennce they beat me in aggression, I immediately cool down and go to page back to normal. Now I haven't played for half a ,aintenance, there is a continuous streak of bad luck.

Gaz Gazondaily. Lets do Pokerstars VR It down in pokerstars maintenance how long middle of the game. AMS adamsimmons Just took down the Mini Thursday Thrill!!! Best score yet! Luke Dunford luked I am chip leader. Pokerstars is pulling an exit scam on me for The come backs i had. Didn't take it down in this PokerStars tournament practicing for Dare2Stream pokersgars damn this was he most intense game i've played in a long time.

Cyber Pokerstars maintenance how long News SecurityToday. Jason Daniels Jaysinrd. That's me done with stars. All these pokerstars maintenance how long pokerstara changes suck.

I never had to wait long before for the 18, 45 or sngs. Eric B ekdikeo. PokerStarsUSA has the in-slot on-screen display of race ranking been eliminated?

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