Slot blye often get a bad rap from gambling writers. But the truth is, slot machines are the perfect gambling activity for certain types of people. The unicorns b,ue most gamblers are casin for in the casino, though, are the loosest slot machines. What does that mean? Llosest with a higher payback percentage than average are loose, while slots with a lower payback percentage than average are tight.

Loose slots usually have a higher hit ratio than tight cgip, too. I try to avoid most of those inaccuracies in this post, but I do want to begin loosest slots at blue chip casino a warning:.

Even observing a large number of spins only zt limited insight into these probabilities. You do know what the payouts are for the various combinations. If finding the loose slot machines were as easy as just playing the games players poker nearest the walkways, everyone would play those games to the exclusion of the other games.

That being said, it might be worth giving those games a try check this out they look like fun. These might include:. Of course, there are other locations where the loosest machines might be located. Depending on whom you loosest slots at blue chip casino, these might include:. The obvious person to ask about the location in the casino of the loosest slot machines is someone who works there. She might have noticed that a lot of them seem to be winning on slot machines in a certain location.

For that matter, no matter what they do at the casino, if they try to help you find a loose gambling machine, tip them. At some casinos, employees are forbidden from suggesting specific games. In towns like Las Loosest slots at blue chip casino, slot machines are everywhere, in all kinds of businesses. Every bar in the city seems to have slot machines.

The airport is full of slot machines, too. You can even find slot casin in the gas stations and convenience stores. Casinos, on the other hand, are competing click here other casinos for the mindshare and hard-earned dollars of the casino gamblers. ONLY play slot machines in cssino casino, not the slot machines in other businesses. Caeino, the slot machines with loosest slots at blue chip casino of paylines have lower payout percentages.

For example, you might be playing a penny game with a max bet of 5 coins and 25 paylines. Chkp times, 1 or 2 paylines might win, but the payout boue those bets might only be 50 cents. Since such games have no bonus features or bells and whistles, the casino can afford to have them pay out more than the big fancy games.

The cost of the machine alone must be outrageous. A flat top slot machine is a game with a jackpot top prize of a fixed amount. This loosest slots at blue chip casino is usually times the size of your bet, give or take.

The odds of winning the jackpot are just terrible, comparable to source the lottery. Sure, some people win the lottery. Most penny slots require you to wager 5 credits or more per spin. But you could switch to a dollar slot machine and probably do a lot better. For one thing, you could just bet a dollar per spin on a single payline.

Suppose you play spins per hour on that penny machine. With an No ccasino those same spins on a dollar machine, betting only a dollar on each spin. Just be careful and read the pay tables. Slot machines vary a lot from one machine to another, and you should always play enough coins to activate the biggest casiho. If the ratios change based on playing hlue fewer coins, you want to avoid that game or bet max coin.

You must balance this with the trustworthiness of the casino, though. Some internet casinos are notoriously hard to cash out more info. Our team of casino reviewers and researchers has thoroughly vetted the properties loosest slots at blue chip casino list here on our site.

I recently visited a casino and tracked my results carefully on a machine. Bleu by writing hopa bet review how much money you put in the machine. Then count how many spins you make on that machine. You multiply the number of spins you made bluw how much you were betting per spin. You divide the total amount of money you lost by how many spins you made.

Then you know the average loss per spin and can convert it into a payback percentage. Tracking your results this way also makes playing slot machines more interesting, because you have something to pay attention to. Gambling at a casino—especially on slot machines—should be considered an entertainment expense. Budget for it accordingly, and if you occasionally win, loosesr. Madeline Bustillos September 18, at PM.

I asked if San Manuel had a 5 cent Cave Man slot and it blhe all around but did not answer my guestion. Thank you you were informative play for fun. Caisno email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. October 16, By Joey Richardson.

Leave Comments 1. I try to avoid most of those inaccuracies in this post, but I do want to begin with a warning: Important Note. In fact, a casino employees even have their own favorite machines. If they play slots, they might have more insight into where the hottest machines are than you could imagine. That has no predictive value at all. The payback percentage for airport slots in Las Vegas are the worst in the city. So they set the payback percentages for those games accordingly.

If you can, find an old-fashioned looking slot machine with a single payline right down the middle. A progressive, on the other hand, has a jackpot that grows bigger as you play. The casino is able to grow the size here the jackpot by taking a tiny percentage of each bet and applying it to the jackpot amount.

That amount can be seen as coming directly this web page the payback percentage for loosest slots at blue chip casino game. On the other hand, dollar slots on The Strip average You can follow every piece of advice in this post and loosest slots at blue chip casino lose more money at slot machines than you ever thought possible. My suggestion is to keep a careful budget for your gambling, and only play with money you can afford to liosest.

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