About This Guide. This FGO event guide is made up of 5 main sections. You can read it through from start to finish, or jump to the section that most interests you. All In! Your goal for this event is gamble and win QP from grinding Casino Quests.

Reach the QP threshold to unlock new story quests and progress into the event. At the same time you will be clearing missions to unlock rewards and additional quests. Guidelines you need to follow for this event:. Each Main Quest Chapter will unlock slot 2022 best two pharaoh casino fgo. Check below for optimal team setup highest rtp slots in vegas QP Farming.

Become a Pharaoh casino fgo Las Vegas Event Guide. Event Ends in:. Event Guidelines. Guidelines you need to follow for this event: Login everyday to get Fever Tickets. Save your tickets for when this pops up. One of the best Single Target Arts Saber — especially for newer players.

Receive a temporary copy at the start of the event. Becomes permanent after completing the main quests. Double EXP bonus for Hokusai during the event. Place Hokusai in your party in order to highest rtp slots in vegas Bond Level Missions. Support Setup Recommendation. Las Vegas Infograph by Kevinrealk Click for full size version. Event — Getting Started. Optimize your teams for combat in these quests. Quests that cost QP will have refund that QP on successful clear.

Defeat and withdraw will forfeit the QP consumed. Optimal Team CE Setup. Click to See Details. You will have long completed the Coin enemy kill mission before you are done with your event. Event Walkthrough. Start the prologue and place Hokusai on the team immediately for Article source Points. Setup your team for optimal QP farming. Clear all available Free Quests for Fruits. Clear First Casino Main Quest.

Farming Himeji Regular for Lucky Dice. Clear out all the remaining Third Casino Main Quests. Clear Fourth Casino Main Quests. Clear the remaining Sixth Main Quests. Clear Final Bout and watch Part 1 Epiloque. Receive Holy Grail and Summer Hokusai made permanent.