We have put together a guide that will show you the ins and outs of casino mobile game marketing. SensorTower, free data. Want to put your casino game on the map? Here are some actionable tips for marketing a casino game you can try right now! Here are the types of casino players you need to differentiate in order to target them successfully. When marketing to this type of casino players, you need to highlight that your game is exciting and all about having fun.

Just like many other gamers, these casino players just want to pass the time and relieve the stress of their daily lives. For many casino players, the social aspect of casino games is very important — they want to play with friends or against other users. Finally, there are casino players that like huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 of the above — excitement, relaxation, huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 well as the social aspect of casino games.

Since casino mobile games are oftentimes virtual slot machines Las Vegas is famous for, your creatives should reflect that.

Use those recognizable layouts of coin-operated slot machines and make it dynamic and exciting. When possible, localize your creatives — that allows you to reach a worldwide audience.

This is particularly important for your ad copy. The final advice for casino game creatives is testing. For example, you might find that creatives using red, blue, and yellow color perform better. And that second video ads convert the most users. That type of data will allow you to come up with a winning formula for creatives that works every single time.

Finding and acquiring high-quality users is an essential part of marketing a huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 game and profiting from it. This can be done by targeting lookalike audiences. Put simply, lookalike audiences are audiences who are very likely to be interested in your casino mobile game because they resemble your existing user base. The key is to identify users who have spent some money high LTV users and those with high engagement, i.

Facebook allows you huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 create up to different lookalike audiences, what is the best online casino you can exclude certain audiences. This makes it effective and cost-efficient.

It results in acquiring high LTV users that are more likely to spend in your game and become loyal players. The casino mobile game huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 is crowded — it can be very lucrative and many developers want a piece of that cake. Choosing the right game title, keywords, and description is also essential. Instead of doing guesswork, you need to study what visit web page competitors are doing and test everything.

Designers might be convinced the design is perfect, but testing can show they were wrong. Relying on your instincts is not a smart strategy when it comes to ASO. You have probably noticed that most casino mobile game icons look pretty similar. Images of colorful huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 machine reels, playing cards, and a general Las Vegas-esque vibe is prevalent.

In fact, there are even greater similarities amongst other mobile game genres. Do sideways portraits of angry dudes screaming sound familiar? There are even tools that robust trustworthy money games near california analyze the design, style, and colors of your icon click the following article tell you how good it is according to the game genre.

Pun intended. Another example is casino game titles. As it was mentioned before, this is a very competitive market. New casino mobile games are launched on a daily basis. By doing that, you leverage established brands to make your casino game a hit.

When it comes to real-money gambling, you need to make sure your casino game is in line with all state and federal laws. It is even recommended that you consult an attorney with experience in this field. When it comes to the U. Owens who specializes in the U. Well, oftentimes, changing game mechanics only slightly can be enough for your game not to fall under the technical definition of gambling. One of the best ways to become successful at marketing a casino game is by learning from leading casino game publishers.

In the following section, I dissect ad examples from top casino games. This is a classic ad for poker casino games. An important aspect of social casino games is playing against friends or other users. Poker players are motivated by making progress and wanting to master this game. This Go to web page Poker video ad focuses on one important aspect of playing poker — the art of source. The third example of a Zynga Poker video ad is all about mobile game influencer marketing.

However, there are micro-influencers you can team up with and huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 your game more attractive to users. When writing an ad copy for your social casino game, focus on the most interesting and unique features of the game. The first ad copy focuses on bluffingwhich is a big part of poker — it challenges players to spot the biggest bluffs.

The second ad copy highlights the multiplayer feature of the game — poker players want to play against real users. The third ad copy speaks to the end goal of every poker player — to become a pro — and suggests Zynga Poker is the perfect way to practice and achieve that. The check this out ad copy is about offering advice from famous comedians who play poker and recommend this game.

Finally, the fifth ad copy is all about attracting users with free rewards — chips are the most valued possession in poker games. This video ad is all about huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 excitement, and that is achieved by using several huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 techniques. What Playtika does really well with its social casino games is incorporating those recognizable slot machine visuals, but making them unique and exciting.

In this video ad, you can see their Fairy Bliss slot machine which is full of unicorns, magic mushrooms, shiny crowns, and of course, lots of coins. There are actually different slot machines from famous Las Vegas Strip casinos in the game. Sound is also important for casino video ads.

You can hear the slot machine and coins, which is triggering for casino players. The key is to give the users the experience of being in one this web page those Las Vegas casinos — feeling that thrill without having to leave their home. Each ad copy is designed to draw user attention and make them excited about the game.

One technique is using attention-grabbing keywords that speak to casino players. You can also notice the strategic use of all caps and emojis. This makes winning a real possibility for users who are watching the ad — users can see themselves in those people.

Since Lucky Day is based on raffles, lotto, and scratch cards players, you can also see https://spolecnekrozmanitosti.cz/casino-2021/blue-wizard-megaways.html gameplay in the ad — the person scratching the card on their phone. Another prominent feature of all Lucky Day video ads, including this one, is captions. The purpose of the captions is to draw attention to the ad as well as create intrigue and excitement.

This is a powerful call to action since real money is at stake. However, it is recommended that you create more than one ad copy for your video ads.

Marketing a casino game is all about data. Getting a lot of installs for your casino game is one thing, but the tricky part is getting users to keep playing. Day 1 retention stayed pretty huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 for all the remaining casino game categories. As you might already assume, day 7 user retention is lower than day 1 retention for here game genres.

As with day huuuge casino tips and tricks 2022 retention, day 7 retention remained fairly stable big no deposit bonus money games near california other casino game categories. Retaining users after day 1 or day 7 is one thing, but retaining them after day 28 is a different beast. The yearly average was at The yearly average was at approximately 59 minutesand the lowest point was at 43 minutes in late November.

Average revenue per paying user is another crucial mobile game metric. It has a direct influence on the revenue you earn from your casino game. In Q1 ofit was mainly. In April, it soared to What do you think is the most challenging part of marketing a casino game? Do you need any help? To stay in the loop with the most recent mobile game marketing trends, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter! Since until today, Udonis Inc. Want to know how we make it look so effortless? Meet us to find out!

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