Go to page trying to become a full-time actor in Hollywood, he has risen to opinion giants gold slots consider in the slot gaming community and even had a Forbes article about him, following his channel being shut down by YouTube in With over , views on his channel, Brian is even more popular than his fellow slot gamers, such as Slotlady.

The venue will, without a doubt, become a place of pilgrimage for can winamax hope of the YouTuber.

Before becoming a popular Youtuber, Brian had a brief tenure as an actor, playing in such TV series as Stock and Awe and The Listener, while later getting a small part in The Leftovers. He started the BCSlots channel as a hobby in This success is largely attributed to the fact that videos are posted daily. In the videos, Brian is traveling across the US, visiting various casinos, winning, losing, reacting, and regularly live streaming his gameplay.

Additionally, he has an official fan-club of Rudiesthe name he has given to his audience. The club members get access to do casino give you big when in cash or check live streams and exclusive offers on his merch. In JuneYouTube has suspended his channel, due to Community Guidelines violation in one of his videos.

However, check this out video was the same as others and contained no dangerous acts, to which YouTube was referring to. The drama around it caused quite a stir and even Forbes author David G.

Schwartz has covered it. After filing an appeal only to be denied, he received a short email from YouTube saying that his channel was reinstated after a re-review.

No apology or explanation was given by YouTube. Even though he is going stronger than ever and the Rudies can support him off of YouTube if anything goes wrong, not being sure about his passion and livelihood can be discouraging. As mentioned above, Brian Christopher, just as many other YouTubers, has a name for his fans β€” rudies. They can be regularly seen accompanying him in the videos or during his slot cruise. Some of the fans are his Patreon supporters, who get certain rewards do casino give you big when in cash or check pledging monthly donations.

Some other Patreon perks from BCSlots include:. InBrian Christopher started selling his own face masks. Faithful Rudies could now buy official BCSlots masks on his official website. There are currently 7 different face masks available for purchase. They all have a black design and feature the following graphics:. In order to collect all 7 face masks, a faithful fan would need to pay Brian Christopher made it to the front pages of several news websites in the summer of when he organized do casino give you big when in cash or check tour of 21 casinos during the coronavirus outbreak.

The goal of the tour was to see what measures casinos were taking in order to ensure employee and patron safety during the pandemic. The blogger shared his findings through his official website. At the end of the tour, Brian concluded that many casinos followed government rules perfectly, while others were either overzealous or reckless. In earlyBrian and the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas announced a trailblazing joint go to article that forever changed the relationship go to page slot bloggers and gambling venues.

This development is monumental as it is showing that offline gambling venues are paying increased attention to Twitch slot streamers and casino YouTubers. With the ability to share your wins and losses with millions of people at a tap of a button, offline gambling is becoming as social as its online counterpart.

Naturally, Brian does not disclose how much he makes here videos on YouTube.

The said YouTube channel would not bring too much income, however, as gambling videos cannot be monetized. The only income here would be donations made during live streams. The BCSlots channel is supported by patrons updated Septrmber It is important to note, however, that most of the money goes to content creation.

As Brian himself puts it on his Patreon page, editors, marketing and social managers, assistants as well as photographer and videographers are required to produce the videos. On top of that, traveling expenses for casino trips cost a dime as well.

Sing In Https://spolecnekrozmanitosti.cz/slot-machine/is-88-fortunes-a-good-slot-machine.html Up. How old is Brian Christopher Slots?

Brian is 40 years old. He was born on February 26, Where is Brian Christopher from? He has also mentioned on Twitter that his home country is Malta. Is Brian Christopher married? Yes, Brian is happily married. Bcslots youtube 2020 first met at a bar in London, Ontario. Slot content only started appearing on the page in Are videos on BCSlots released daily?

Does BCSlots sell merch? Yes, Brian sells a wide variety of merchandise on his official website, including t-shirts, hoodies, facemasks, and stickers. What casino does he live stream from? What does Brian Christopher do for a living? Brain is an actor and a professional casino influencer.

How much does Brian Christopher earn? Brain does not disclose his income, but it is safe to say that his yearly earnings are in the six to seven-figure range.

How much does Brian Christopher make from YouTube? Brian bcslots youtube 2020 not make money on his YouTube videos, because gambling videos cannot be monetized. How much does he make on Patreon in a month? I saw some news that Brian Christopher died, what happened? Many Rudies were shocked when they saw news headlines about $5 minimum deposit casino usa Christopher dying.

This was just a misunderstanding. The host of the BCSlots channel is fine. It was another Briand Christopher, a famous bcslots youtube 2020, continue reading died. New Slot Reviews.

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